For Milarex this means:

Continuously improving the nutritional profile of existing products and launching new products that are tasty, safe and contribute to a healthier diet. Promoting seafood and specifically salmon as healthy and sustainable part of your diet.

Improving nutritional profile

The use of salt in our products

Most people agree that salt makes food taste better and it also plays an important role in preserving food. Small amounts of salt in the diet are essential, but too much can lead to raised blood pressure.

We in Milarex are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce or limit the use of salt without reducing product shelf life.

The use of sugar in our products

WHO have expressed concern that eating too much sugar can increase negative health risks. The Milarex product portfolio generally has a low free sugar profile. Nevertheless we are constantly seeking opportunities to reduce or completely remove sugar from our products.

Free from lactose & gluten

All pure salmon or trout products are lactose and gluten free. Most Milarex consumer packed products are lactose and gluten free. In a few products containing sauce or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese you will find traces of milk in these added elements. Pure salmon is 100% lactose and gluten free.