ABOUT Our Story

Milarex – safe and sustainable seafood

Milarex is a fast growing international seafood company delivering a large variety of safe and sustainable salmon products. The product range includes smoked, fresh and frozen products in a wide range of formats.

Milarex has grown to become one of the largest salmon processors in the world with leading positions in many European and overseas markets. The dedication to high quality and safe products in combination with efficient processing has been widely appreciated by customers and consumers. It is the passion, effort and commitment of all our employees that have made this possible

Our founder is a legendary salmon processing figure Mr. Jerzy Malek. Construction of the first phase of Milarex unique state-of-the-art production facility (30,000 m2) was completed in 2016, and processing of salmon started in the second half of that year. In 2019 the factory was extended and completed adding a significant increase in the production capacity to meet the growing customer demand for the well-known Milarex salmon quality.

Scandinavian investment company Summa Equity acquired a majority position in Milarex in 2017 to take part in the development of healthy, nutritious and affordable meat alternatives in a sustainable way. In 2020, Summa Equity acquired the remaining shares in the company.

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