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Food safety

Producers of smoked and graved salmon need to become more aware of their food safety responsibilities with regard to listeria and intensify their efforts to minimize the entry, spread and persistence of the pathogen in the production environment and thus the contamination of products.

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Milarex moves into 100% renewable energy

By changing energy supplier, and at the same time specifying 100% renewable energy sourcing backed with certificates, we achieved one of our carbon reducing targets one year ahead of time.
Thomas Farstad - CEO

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Food safety

Transparency and traceability creates trust. This is the second consecutive year Milarex’ publish results for food safety. We believe that improved food safety starts with openness and sharing results. Creating industry dialogue and sharing best practice is part of our food safety culture and continuous improvement process.

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Sustainability - our ambition

In Milarex we take pride in actively promoting sustainable and affordable farmed raised salmon as a healthy protein source for a growing global population. We strive to be the benchmark for safe and sustainable salmon processing.

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Zero listeria mindset food safety is our culture

All consumers deserve a healthy, tasty and safe food experience. We believe in openness about approach and results on food safety as the basis for trust. Pathogens are all around us in our daily lives. Seafood as well as other fresh food products are exposed to listeria and other pathogens, and salmonids are susceptible to infection. In Milarex we are prepared, and strict procedures are in place to constrain and resolve such issues.

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Winning the battle against coronavirus

Milarex is a fast growing international seafood company servicing significant markets both in Europe and overseas. The company has a state of the art production facility in Poland with almost 2000 workers. The company sources and processes safe and sustainable salmon products for demanding seafood consumers.

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